Terms of sale

TERMS OF THE SALE (shortly).


Prices are quoted as USD/EUR pc at conditions FOB Shanghai unless otherwise stated in Proforma, these are export prices without VAT.

Different brands available – all brands registered and legal, also common packing (goods) welcome, for customer's with private label(trade mark) sign special contract with all requared info and technical data – nowadays we supply for our customers dozens of there private(customer registered) branded goods.


We do not limit shipment amount but in order to have economical freight and shipment conditions, we need an initial order of about 5'000-10'000 USD for the start (in order to introduce our products, prices, and quality), and later on the usual orders easily reach 20'000-30'000 USD per shipment.

Usual shipment conditions are FOB Shanghai if not otherwise stated. We perform CIF shipments as well upon agreement with the customers. We are experienced in transportation of our products by sea and land transport (including deliveries to your address), by containers, or even by airplanes (even delivered to the doors of your stock area).

Shipment time is about 1-2 weeks after order confirmation (for new customers - after pre-payment)


The most important and exciting feature of ACP quality levels is that almost each part is available in 2-6 qualities level from different manufacturers- marked with "A, B, C etc." 
In response to your inquiry we usually offer different quality level and manufacturers(suppliers) for your consideration.

Our service is consistent and reliable. If however some minor problems or shortages occur, claims are recorded in our system with "Claim-part number" (example format) number and if proven, the replacement parts are shipped FOC (Free of Charge) with the next shipment notifying receivers of the Claim number.